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Two years ago we created Dojo Pro, a showcase of the best pro wrestlers on the independent circuit. I knew we’d have great matches, but I quickly learned that so many aren’t just great wrestlers, but great people. Some of which have become my close friends.


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic all independent wrestling shows have been canceled. All “non-essential” work has ceased. Most of these men and women have families and rely on those weekend bookings to not only pay the bills, but because it’s what they love.


Now technically pro wrestlers may not be essential in the world's eyes. But I believe that no human is “non-essential”. Especially those that primary job is to bring a smile to people around the world. Indie wrestling shows may not be essential right now, but Independent Pro Wrestlers ARE ESSENTIAL! 


My wife and I spoke on Easter and we are allocating a budget of our own money to distribute evenly amongst independent wrestlers in need. We all want wrestling to return and come back strong. Hopefully we can play a small part in that. It may cover a meal, it may cover a coffee... but we hope it brings a little magic to the heels and faces that have done that for us our entire lives. 


So from right now until April 20th or until we reach 400 entries - If you’re an indie wrestler with canceled shows, just fill out the simple form below and if all checks out you’ll get a small gift from us.  


No catch. 


I know a lot of other wrestling fans out there want to help. We have come up with a fun bonus program for you to get involved in. You can purchase “INDIE WRESTLERS ARE ESSENTIAL” shirts and 100% of profits will go out as a bonus to an indie wrestler picked at random. 


I love and miss live wrestling and can’t wait to be sitting, standing and screaming with all of you very soon. 


God Bless you all and God Bless Pro Wrestling,


Logan Sekulow 

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