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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The brand new professional wrestling television spectacle Dojo Pro makes its global premiere on FITE, the premiere digital network for combat sports.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dojo Pro to the FITE family.” said Michael Weber, Chief Operating Officer of FITE  “With our unique platform, we will instantly showcase the first season to a worldwide audience. It’s fantastic to expand our offerings and include a TV show made for families to FITE.”

Dojo Pro presents pro wrestling in a unique way that respects the viewers’ time. Each of the 12 episodes run under 30 minutes and the gauntlet style format is easy to follow, quick to digest and completely binge-able. Dojo Pro is committed to providing a combat sports experience that the whole family can enjoy together, on their schedule. While already available in the US and UK through Amazon Prime Video, FITE allows Dojo Pro to reach an even larger audience of wrestling fans.

“It has been a thrill to work with FITE and Dojo Pro,” said Legendary Professional Wrestling Manager Kazuo Sonny Onoo. “Expanding Dojo Pro’s distribution meets the immediate demand we received from wrestling fans around the world. While Dojo Pro will continue to be available on Amazon Prime Video for the US and UK markets, adding FITE enables Dojo Pro to go global."

Along with intense matches, viewers will get to know each wrestler, and see first-hand what this chance means to them. For many of these competitors, Dojo Pro is a long-sought after opportunity to propel their career into the spotlight. Any wrestler from any background has a chance to overcome the odds and become a champion.

Dojo Pro is excited to partner with FITE to bring this original concept to the world. FITE is the premiere digital network for combat sports, providing the best in Pro Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and Kickboxing to the world.

Dojo Pro Season 1 is available on FITE and Amazon Prime Video right now in 12 binge-able, single match episodes, each under 30 minutes. It is intense, high-octane, title-shot entertainment for busy fans and families. Dojo Pro is a wrestling experience like no one has seen before.


Dojo Pro is the ultimate professional wrestling opportunity that culminates in a shot at a major championship title – but with a dynamic twist.

Differentiating itself from other wrestling programs, Dojo Pro is a gauntlet-style competition in which 13 independent wrestlers – including indie stars like “Bad Boy” Joey Janela, Shane Strickland, and former World Champion James Storm – fight their way up the ladder.

Dojo Pro, and it’s panel of advisors, have hand-selected independent wrestlers from all over the world for this new competition, and ranked them based on a list of criteria - with the most important trait being potential.

Every match has real stakes which not only impact the competitors’ future in Dojo Pro, but with one of the top wrestling companies in the world, Ring of Honor. The winner of each match receives the coveted Dojo Pro White Belt – their ticket to advance and face the next hungry competitor. The loser is immediately eliminated. At the top of the ladder waits the Dojo Pro Black Belt, and a guaranteed title shot for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship. But to get both the Dojo Pro Black Belt and the Ring of Honor title bout, the last wrestler standing will have to overpower and out-wrestle the Dojo Pro No. 1 seed, and daunting international star, Jeff Cobb.

For full roster information and viewing options visit .


FITE, is available worldwide and its programming content features Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing. FITE is available as a free mobile app on iOs and Android mobile devices, on the web at and on the Roku, Apple TV and Android TV boxes.


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