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SPOILER: Dojo Pro Black Belt to face Ring of Honor World TV Champion Punishment Martinez

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, August 21, 2018

- Aaron Solow made history winning the top prize, the Dojo Pro Black Belt, in the debut season of Dojo Pro – the new wrestling competition show streaming on Amazon Prime Video and FITE.

As part of his prize, Solow will now face the current Ring of Honor World Television Champion, Punishment Martinez, in a bid for his first shot a major professional wrestling title.

“This opportunity means so much,” said Solow. “It’s my chance to show the ‘industry guys’ what they’ve been missing out on this whole time A few years ago, I did the Ring of Honor camp. At the end, they tell you if they think you are ready to be in ROH or not. They told me no. Now, here I am - the guy they told no - coming after their TV Championship.”

South San Francisco native Aaron Solow entered Dojo Pro as the number 4 seed. In his first match he found himself squaring off against his tag team partner and best friend, Ricky Starks. That match was ended by the referee prematurely due to an injury Starks sustained in his prior match against notorious indie star “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

Rather than just accept the Dojo Pro White Belt, the ticket to continue in the competition, Solow issued an open challenge to any other competitors to fight him for the belt.

Solow’s challenge was answered by none other than Ring of Honor’s own Cheeseburger, but Aaron Solow was victorious. Ultimately, Solow fought his way through four grueling matches in the gauntlet-style competition, including the Championship match against the colossal intimidator, Jeff Cobb.

Defeating Cobb was a herculean challenge, but Solow will now find himself facing another daunting, and even dangerous, competitor in Punishment Martinez. Martinez, the reigning ROH World Television Champion, has made it clear he takes no pity on anyone who comes for his title.

Solow has stated he increased his training regimen in anticipation of stepping into the ring with Martinez. Still, the Dojo Pro Champ seems completely confident about his chances.

“You know a lot of people out there think this match is too much pressure on me ,” said Solow, “but honestly the pressure should be a lot higher for Punishment. Imagine the position he’s going to be in with the company once he loses the TV championship to me - a guy who doesn’t work for ROH.”

This title match takes place Saturday, August 25th at Philadelphia’s famous 2300 Arena.


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